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We stock a range of beautiful soft toys and dinosaur models, mostly created by independent UK craftspeople from quality materials.

Dinosaur metal bucket - great for beach, indoor or outdoor water play, or helping with gardening
Set of 70 small dinosaur figures with 16 different types of dinosaurs and storage tub. Very detailed figures that will provide hours of imaginative p ...
Dominoes featuring dinosaurs. Based on traditional dominoes this is an exciting game for those little dinosaur fans as they try to match their cards.
Hand Finished Tartan Diplodocus. 30cm tall.
Knitted Aqua Blue Diplodocus. 40cm Tall.
Knitted Orange Diplodocus. 40cm Tall.
Knitted Rainbow Stripe Diplodocus. 30cm tall.
Knitted Khaki Mastodon. 34cm Long.
Knitted Orange Parasaurolophus. 38cm long.
Knitted Aqua Blue Plesiosaurus. 47cm long.
Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl. 28cm tall.
Knitted Bold Stripe Shark. 35cm long.
Knitted Bold Stripe Shark Rattle. 22cm long.
Knitted Royal Blue Stegosaurus. 36cm long.
Knitted Bold Stripe T-Rex. 25cm tall.
Knitted Green T-Rex. 25cm tall.
Knitted Green T-Rex in large. 37cm tall.
Knitted Green Titanosaurus. 82cm long.
Knitted Rainbow Stripe Triceratops. 24cm long.
Knitted Red Triceratops. 24cm long.
Knitted Brown Stripe Woolly Mammoth. 30cm long.
Dinosaur Model kit - Once made the dinosaur will walk powered by a battery motor.
Blue Stegosaurus, handmade with natural rubber.
Yellow T-Rex, handmade with natural rubber.
Red Triceratops, handmade with natural rubber.
T-Rex large and standard together, these knitted and hand finished dinosaurs are offered as a set at a saving. Both dinosaurs are in a lovely bright ...
The Triceratops is made from recycled plastic waste. A very Eco friendly soft toy dinosaur.
Eight wooden toys presented in a wooden shelf with compartments. The shelf has the dinosaurs skeleton printed behind each dinosaur.
Wooden toy, orange and brown colours in the form of a stegosaurus.
Wooden toy in grey / green in the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Wooden toy in purple / black colour in the form of a triceratops.
Wooden toy in brown and black colours in the form of a velociraptor.
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