Dinosaur Books - Children

Introduce your child to the wonders of dinosaurs with our collection of children's dinosaur books! Featuring vibrant illustrations and engaging content, these books are perfect for sparking curiosity and learning. Let the journey into the prehistoric world begin!

Doctorsaurus - this is a lovely rhyming, prehistoric book absolutely packed with dinosaurs
Fantastic book to reassure children who are about to start school. It's dinosaur's first day and he does not want to go!
Little Children's Dinosaur Puzzle book is full of dinosaur activities - includes picture, word, and number puzzles all based on dinosaurs!
Silly Dizzy Dinosaur just loves to have fun but just sometimes he is a little bit silly, and needs your help! Book for 3 to 5 years
Dinosaur bookends in style of T Rex. Just right to keep all those dinosaur books nice and tidy.
That's Not My Dinosaur is a lovely book for younger family members as they enjoy meeting different dinosaurs
Funniest Dinosaur Joke Book Ever - this little book is full of jokes aimed at children, although adults do groan at them too!
The Song of the Dinosaurs Book - a gorgeous book that takes you back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the land, skies and sea
What would happen when a T-Rex comes to play? Have you ever wondered this? Find out in this imaginative book
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