Dinosaur Pencil - set of three


Dinosaur pencil (set of 3) with images of several different dinosaurs and an eraser

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Warning This is not a toy and should not be given to a young child without adult supervision

Anyone, child or adult will be pleased to receive one of these lovely dinosaur HB pencils.

These are great for take notes, for sketching or whatever you would want to do with a pencil.

There is even a eraser on the end if you make a mistake! Will fit your pencil case, or simply look great on your desk.

For option to purchase one pencil see separate listing

Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl. 28cm tall.
Knitted Bold Stripe Shark. 35cm long.
Knitted Green T-Rex in large. 37cm tall.
Six-colour Ballpoint pen with detailed dinosaur illustrations.
Lunchbag decorated with dinosaurs and insulated to keep food fresh and fun for any dinosaur fan.
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