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I clearly love dinosaurs! I was totally obsessed from the age of 5, I had every item of dinosaur stationery I could find. I wouldn't write without my dinosaur pen. Every time I saw a t-shirt or toy with a dinosaur on it, I wanted it. My bedroom was covered with dinosaurs and bookshelf lined with related books. I spent time reading up on paleontology at a very young age and was fascinated (and still am). 

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Jurassic Park.

When the first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1993, this was one of the greatest memories I have of my youth! Seeing dinosaurs on the big screen was incredible. There is something truly special about dinosaurs to those who love them, they seem more than a passing liking to tractors or unicorns – it is far more meaningful than that and I love to see kids (and adults!) of all ages enjoying them and hope I have a website where families can buy that extra special gift for the dinosaur fan in their life! 

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I come from a family of keen crafters and have combined efforts with them to design many of my own items and have them made. From dinosaur gift ware to dinosaur soft toys , with a lot more to come. We plan to develop a handmade range, and we are very excited about this! Welcome to my page and thank you for looking. 

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